Today, Charles Spencer revealed the memorial plaque that will honour Princess Diana outside Coleherne Court. She lived at the London flat in her late-teen years from 1979 until she married Prince Charles in 1981.

New Princess Diana memorial coming in 2021

On Twitter, Diana's brother Charles Spencer called it a "lovely" plaque that will commemorate "such a very happy place for Diana." He also showed an artist at work crafting the piece and previewed the message it will display: "Lady Diana Spencer later Princess of Wales 1961 - 1997 lived here 1979 - 1981."

English Heritage has arranged the touching memorial, which comes in the year Diana would have turned 60 years old. BBC News reports that she's one of six trailblazing British women who will receive commemorative plaques later this year.

Coleherne Court: Diana's last home pre-royal wedding

Lady Diana received the Coleherne Court flat as an 18th birthday gift from her parents in 1979. She shared the home, in Earl's Court, West London, with several flatmates, and the site has remained connected to the beloved princess ever since she joined the Royal Family in 1981.

Coleherne Court: New plaque will go outside Princess Diana's London home.

The Coleherne Court plaque also isn't the only memorial planned for this year. On the 60th anniversary of Diana's birth, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry will reunite at Kensington Palace to present a statue of their mother. The unveiling will go ahead on July 1. 

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