• King Harald of Norway has COVID-19
  • The 85-year-old King tested positive
  • The monarch has mild symptoms

COVID-19 was detected in King Harald of Norway on Tuesday, March 22.

The King, 85, has "light" symptoms and will be on sick leave for the coming days. "His majesty had today been diagnosed with corona," reads the official confirmation from the Royal Family.

King Harald of Norway has COVID-19

Crown Prince Haakon will officially assume King Harald's duties for the time being, per the press release from the Norwegian royals.

The news has immediately overtaken all Norwegian media, who have been very concerned about the 85-year-old King's health for some time now.

Also interesting:

King Harald has always been slow to his feet and has been doing his duties on crutches for a while. Crown Prince Haakon has been in action as regent very often in the past. This happens automatically when the King is ill or out of the country.

King Harald isn't Europe's only monarch to deal with COVID-19, either. His distant cousin Queen Elizabeth only recently got over her case of the virus.