• Embarrassing moments occasionally strike royals too
  • They've had troubles with wind, fashion, and the occasional fall
  • See the moments in our video above!

It happens to all of us: We plan the perfect outfit but something goes wrong! Or we start to walk confidently only to take a spill.

Royals are no exception. They must try to keep their composure at all times, but even they have missteps every now and then. We'll now revisit seven royals who had (non-serious!) accidents.

Princess Diana had a few miscues on her wedding day

Princess Diana: During her wedding to the then-Prince Charles in 1981, Diana had not one but two accidents. First, her dress was so long that she had to fold and compress it in the carriage, causing it to wrinkle all over.

On top of that, it is said that the Princess was nervous and while trying to spray some of her favourite perfume, she ended up spilling a large amount on herself. She spent the wedding covering up the stain with her hand.

Also interesting:

Princess Kate: While visiting Aldershot Garrison in 2013, she got her heel support stuck in a manhole. Luckily William was there to help her from falling in, and it was all very amusing for the royals.

Queen Sofia once took a fall at the White House!

Queen Sofia of Spain: Even Queens can have minor accidents. While visiting the White House in 2000, President Clinton and the First Lady witnessed the Queen trip on the stairs.

Queen Elizabeth II: On not one but two occasions the Queen managed to catch her hat after it flew off in aggressive winds. However, the most impressive was during her visit to Oman in 1979.

Queen Consort Camilla: Speaking of windy, the Queen never imagined it would be a problem for a knee-length dress. She soon discovered her mistake, however, when she stepped out for Princess Charlotte's christening in 2015...

See photos and the full list in the video above!