• Princess Diana was in the spotlight at a young age
  • Everyone came to love the wife of Prince Charles
  • Here are surprising facts about the late Princess

Princess Diana was home-schooled until the age of 9. At that time, it was common for children from aristocratic families to be educated by a tutor. While studying from home, she also dreamed of being a dancer. As a child she took ballet classes, however, her height prevented her from excelling in this discipline. With that being said, this did not prevent her from always being involved in this artistic expression!

Interesting Facts About The Late Princess Diana

Her older sister first dated Prince Charles. Yes, before the heir to the throne met his future wife, he was romantically linked to Sarah Spencer, Lady Di's sister. Although Diana talked about how it seemed impossible that someone like Prince Charles would notice her, she ended up with her dream man at the time.

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How Well Do You Know The People's Princess?

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