Queen Elizabeth II (95) celebrated her birthday on June 12th during the Trooping the Colour. Although because of the pandemic, few Royals were able to join her, she got a sweet surprise from some family members.

The Queen's New Puppy

As The Sun reported, Princess Beatrice (32), Princess Eugenie (31), and their father Prince Andrew (61) gave her a new Corgi puppy! The little dog is six weeks old, and his name is not yet known.

Particularly cute: The Corgi was presented to the Queen a few days earlier, on the birthday of her late husband Prince Philip († 99). Queen Elizabeth is well known for how much she loves her dogs. Only a few months ago, the monarch had already had 2 puppies gifted to her.

Queen Elizabeth II mourns the loss of her last Corgi

At that time, Andrew and his daughters gave her two puppies, Fergus and Muick. Sadly, the dorgi puppy Fergus died last month. The Queen was devastated about the loss. Now little Muick has a playmate again and Queen Elizabeth II has another puppy to look after.

The Queen has been keeping and breeding corgis for decades. She grew up with dogs and remained loyal to the dog breed even into adulthood. While she usually kept several dogs, the Queen has had less as of late. Before she got Fergus and Muick, she only had one old dog, Candy left. Now the Queen can look forward to three animal companions again!

Queen Elizabeth's New Puppy Passed Away
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