• Prince Philip was the Duke of Edinburgh from 1947 to 2021
  • The title was inherited after his death, but it's not that simple
  • When Charles became King, the title matter changed again

For decades, the Duke of Edinburgh was one of the most prominent titles in the British Royal Family. 

The late Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, held the title from his 1947 wedding day until his death in April 2021.

But what happened to the title after Prince Philip died? Is there a Duke of Edinburgh today? And where does Prince Edward fit into it all? The answer may surprise you.

Charles became the new Duke of Edinburgh, BUT...

When Prince Philip died, his heir, the then-Prince Charles, inherited his royal titles, including the Dukedom of Edinburgh.

Charles, however, wasn't really called the Duke of Edinburgh while holding the title. And it wasn't his for very long, either.

Also interesting:

When Charles became King in 2022, all his titles "merged in the Crown," meaning he gave them up and they no longer exist unless he recreates them. That hasn't happened, so: no one is the Duke of Edinburgh today.

Is Prince Edward the next Duke of Edinburgh?

Now, what about Prince Edward? Royal watchers have often heard that the youngest son of the late Queen and Prince Philip will eventually become the new Duke of Edinburgh.

The royals apparently agreed on this ahead of Prince Edward's wedding day in 1999. The title change was said to likely begin after Charles became King.

King Charles would then recreate the Duke of Edinburgh title for Edward. But that hasn't happened yet.

And there is speculation that King Charles may go against the plan to give the title to his younger brother. Which could make for some family tension.

It's a storyline to watch as King Charles III begins his era on the throne.