• Queen Elizabeth II is buried eleven days after her death
  • An expert explains how the body is preserved

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th at the age of 96. Her funeral will take place on Monday, September 19th, eleven days after her death.

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II: is her body preserved in this way?

How a corpse remains preserved over such a period of time is explained by famous TikTok mortician "AskTheUndertakr". "Because of the wealth and the stature and influence that the Royal Family has, they would secure the best embalmers, the best facilities, the best of everything," they explained.

With the help of this procedure, the deceased can be kept in the state for two to three months. 

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The palace is silent: How is the body of the Queen preserved?

"No expense would be spared when it comes to the care and preparation of the Queen's body. They would have done everything possible to ensure that the Queen's body is well-preserved and restored to an almost near-perfect condition," they continued. "Everything possible in the embalmer's tool kit, so to speak, to ensure her body will be able to lie in state for the ten-day period and without any ill-effects," they revealed.

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