• Queen Elizabeth II had royal connections to many European houses
  • She also had blood ties to the Serbian royal family
  • Elizabeth's godchild is less known to most people

Some royal houses and their members in Europe are less known to us such as Crown Prince Alexander II of Yugoslavia. He is the current successor to the throne and is closely associated with the British and Spanish royals.

We introduce you to the prince here. Although he is in line for the throne, Alexander was not born and raised in Serbia, and there is a sad story behind this.

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Crown Prince Alexander II Is Another Addition To Elizabeth's Family

Crown Prince Alexander II of Yugoslavia stands in

Because of the war in what was then Yugoslavia, his parents King Peter II and Princess Alexandra fled and exiled in England. Prince Alexander was born there in 1945 in hotel suite 212 of the luxurious London hotel Claridge's. There was a historical peculiarity: The suite, which is named after him today, was declared Yugoslavian territory for one night so that he could later move back to the Serbian palace. 

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