Lady Pamela Hicks, Queen Elizabeth's lady-in-waiting is opening up about Her Majesty's behind-the-scenes stories. Few know about what Queen Elizabeth II is truly like away from the public eye and now we get an inside look!

The Queen's Hilarious Prank On Royal Watchers

Lady Pamela Hicks is participating in the anticipated ITV series My Years With The Queen and in a sneak peek she tells a fun story of Her Majesty's fun demeanor. 

In the clip, Lady Hicks used her nickname for The Queen "Lillibet" and read a journal entry she wrote back while they were on a Royal Tour in Australia in 1953. "I sat with Lillibet under a tree, listening to her holding forth about being marooned on a desert island."

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The group had managed to evade Royal watchers for a fair amount of time. "But she cheered up considerably when a boatload of trippers appeared shouting whether we had seen the Queen, 'where is she?'"

"Lillibet, in slacks, tore down to the beach, pointed to the other side of the island and yelled: 'She went that-a-way!' and jumped up and down with joy as the boat disappeared around the corner."

This was during her Coronation tour and wherever she went she was swarmed by paparazzi and fans so she must have been delighted to fool a small group into going on a wild goose chase. 

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in the Royal barge after visiting Queen Salote of Tonga in 1953.

Lady Pamela Hicks also added how the Queen, "developed tremendous muscles in her arms. Sitting still in a car, being yelled at, and having to wave is part of the tour that Philip loathes." The series will air on April 1st on ITV.

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