• Height is an attribute most of us want more of
  • British royals are not known for their height
  • Here are the shortest and tallest royals ever

But like everything in nature, there can always be mutations. For example, the son of the smallest king ended up being one of the tallest in the history of British royalty! Genetics can be a funny thing, and when you mix and match like royals do, things can get rather interesting.

British royals are not exactly the tallest around

Here are the tallest and shortest royals of all time. Let's start with a blast from the royal past: King Charles I, who was 163cm tall. Charles was the smallest king in history and also the most hated, since he ended up being executed by his people. Talk about a rough royal life!

Also interesting:

Then we have King John I who was 167cm tall. He was barely an inch shorter than George V, but John was remembered for his loss of territory to the French in 1204. Not a very popular royal after all...

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