• Prince Andrew has paid his sex case accuser
  • Virginia Giuffre reportedly received millions
  • Prince Charles and the Queen allegedly loaned money

Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have filed to dismiss their sexual assault lawsuit after the royal paid his accuser the agreed settlement.

The dollar amount wasn't disclosed to the public, but British press reports say it exceeds £12 million ($15 million) plus a £2 million ($2.5 million) donation. So where did the sum of money come from?

Prince Andrew's settlement money linked to Royal Family

The Royal Family is said to be closely involved in Prince Andrew's financial settlement. In fact, The Sun reports that Prince Charles gave his disgraced brother a £7 million loan to help settle the case.

The newspaper notes that Prince Andrew intends to pay in full, but he needs funds from the £17 million ($22 million) sale of his Swiss ski chalet, which was not settled in time.

Allegedly, Queen Elizabeth II has also contributed to the payment. The Sun says the Queen is not only "chipping in" to her son's payout but also protecting his finances with her will.

Apparently, if Prince Andrew is unable to repay the Queen and Prince Charles, the loans will be covered by money he inherits after his mother's death.

Also interesting:

So the scandal continues for the royals. Prince Charles reportedly pressured his brother to settle his lawsuit quickly, but now their finances are getting mixed up and leaked to the press.

After agreeing to settle the sex lawsuit out of court on Feb. 15, Prince Andrew has now paid Virginia Giuffre and they filed to dismiss the case on Tuesday.

Prince Andrew always denied allegations that he sexually abused Giuffre while she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking ring.

Though the lawsuit and expensive settlement have further damaged Prince Andrew's reputation, he admitted to no wrongdoing on Giuffre's claims. He expressed regret only for "his association with Epstein."