Prince William and Duchess Catherine's firstborn son Prince George was born on July 22, 2013. Only a couple hours later, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out with their baby and introduced him to the world!

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Duchess Catherine just opened up about the terrifying moment she experienced after stepping out with her newborn for the first time.

Duchess Kate, Prince George and Prince William

Kate Middleton: Stepping out for the first time with baby George was "terrifying"

Kate Middleton explained she had fears about her first public outing with Prince George: "It was slightly terrifying, I'm not going to lie," said the mum-of-three. However, she and William were really thankful for everyone supporting them. 

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Duchess Catherine was ready to go home and get back to normality after experiencing a complicated pregnancy in the hospital. However, she was also aware of the fact that introducing baby George to the world was definitely a step that needed to be taken.

Duchess Catherine Today

Duchess Catherine recalls placing Prince George into the car for the first time

Kate Middleton also recalled about the first time she and Prince William placed Prince George in the car seat for the first time while cameras were flashing:

"It was quite hard to do that, I think, on the world's stage. But no, he did a very good job," the Duchess of Cambridge said.