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They say "such behaviour cannot be allowed to go unchallenged"

Duchess Meghan Gets Support From 70 Female MPs As They Condemn UK's Media Treatment Of Her

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are visiting the United States for the first time as a family in November, where they will finally show baby Archie Meghan's homeland and American traditions! The royal couple is expected to celebrate Thanksgiving with Meghan's mother Doria Ragland in Los Angeles. Is that the real reason for their six-week trip to America? Or do they want to have a break from the recent controversies regarding British tabloids?

The Duchess of Sussex has recently admitted she has been naive about how media depicts her role as part of the British royal family. Her husband, Prince Harry, has been trying to protect her from negative media coverage since that was something that really affected his mother, Princess Diana. That's why royal fans have already started to speculate. Are Harry and Meghan planning to create a second base in the United States and test out a potential relocation?

Do Harry and Meghan want to move to the US to escape mistreatment of UK tabloids?  

Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's former butler, has expressed his thoughts about Harry and Meghan's royal trip to the States. He claimed to be afraid of Diana's story repeating - let's keep in mind she was constantly hounded by paparazzi before passing away in 1997. Burrell suspects that -like Diana- Meghan and Harry will eventually try to leave the United Kingdom in order to escape the intense British press and protect baby Archie, who was born almost 6 months ago. 

Princess Diana's former butler also noted Prince William and Duchess Catherine "have a road map in front of them," as the Duke of Cambridge is second in line to the British royal throne, while Meghan and Harry have to carve out their own roles within the Royal family. William and Kate "know exactly where they’re destined. Meghan and Harry don’t. They’re trying to forge their way forward, and I just feel it’s very unfair," Burrell said.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have taken legal actions against the British press

Duchess Meghan is suing British tabloids for publishing a private letter she sent to her estranged father. Her husband, Prince Harry, has also taken legal action against British media over alleged phone hacking.

Some details about their upcoming trip to the United States are still a mystery, but we are sure the royal couple will make a decision based on their right to privacy and keep in mind baby Archie's protection.

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