• The Queen loved her corgis
  • After her death, someone else takes responsibility
  • YOU take care of the dogs now

As Queen Elizabeth II (†96)passed away on September 8th, she left not only her descendants but also her beloved dogs. Over the years she was an avid breeder of the Corgi breed and kept dozens of the cute four-legged friends throughout her life.

Their last two dogs, Muick and Sandy, will surely miss their owner very much. And of course, the two will be well taken care of even after the death of the Queen.

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Prince Andrew and ex-wife Sarah will look after Muick and Sandy

The dogs are allowed to move in with Prince Andrew (62) and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (62), as has been officially confirmed. Muick was actually a gift from Andrew to his mother, Sandy was from her children Beatrice (34) and Eugenie (32).

The four-legged friends already know their new family really well and will certainly settle in quickly with Andrew and Sarah. During her lifetime, the Queen was actually worried that her dogs would survive and that she would have to be left behind. That's why she stopped breeding dogs. However, she could never completely do without her sweet furry friends.