• King Charles is no fan of social media
  • He does have accounts but worries for young people
  • Here's why he wants his grandkids off social media

Currently, millions of people around the world have active social media accounts. And within royalty, there are also members who use social media. 

There are even several official accounts that provide information about members of the royal family. But that doesn't mean that all royal family members agree with the use of social media.

Grandpa Charles says no to social media

And that is the case with King Charles, son of Queen Elizabeth II, who doesn't seem to be fond of these networks. This is despite the fact that there is even an official account dedicated to him and his wife Duchess Camilla.

Charles has actually expressed concerns in regard to social media and the negative impact that they have on youth. He said that social media affects children's mental health.

Also interesting:

For this reason, he has said he doesn't like the idea that his grandchildren can be on these platforms. The King considers that specific platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are the ones that have detrimental effects on the mental health of children.

In addition, he believes that on these platforms, young people compare themselves to others which creates emotional instability. These comments make it unlikely that Charles would approve of having his grandchildren become active users of social media when they are older. King Charles has five grandkids from his sons...

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