Is Prince Harry the Queen's favorite? Is it Prince William? Royal fans have been debating this topic for quite some time, but the question now revolves around their wives. Which of the royal moms have won over the Queen's heart?

Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine are constantly being put up against each other. Some might think Meghan seems to be garnering the Queen's support, while some others consider that Kate is actually the favorite. Why is that? It seems it's all about the Middleton's values and how she includes them into her role as part of the Royal family.

Why is the Queen very fond of Duchess Catherine?

According to Cheatsheet, Queen Elizabeth is well known for her traditional values, which is something she expects from the women marrying into the family. She has made it clear several times that she dislikes any attempt to draw extra attention, or sharing details in public, such as Princess Diana did in the past.

If the Queen's down-to-earth philosophy in regards to approaching the public and media is taken into consideration, it could be argued that Duchess Catherine is at an advantage. Let's also take into account that Duchess Meghan was a Hollywood actress before being a member of the Royal family, something that could have made her relationship with the public a little bit more complex. Meghan's strained relationship with her family has also created public tensions, which is something Queen Elizabeth certainly dislikes, though it's not Meghan's fault. 

Royal experts have noticed something in Kate's body language

It is well known that both Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan have a special place in the Queen's heart, though she is reportedly very fond of Kate. Royal experts have even noticed that the Duchess of Cambridge's body language seems to be more relaxed and comfortable with the Queen than that of the Duchess of Sussex. 

When it comes to royal protocol, Kate Middleton has an advantage as she is the one who will take on the role of Queen when her husband Prince William follows behind his father, Prince Charles, to take the throne. That's also why she is expected to fulfill a more serious role and uphold a lot more traditional values. Prince Harry, however, is much further down the line of succession, which means that it is very unlikely that Meghan Markle will take on the role of Queen some day.