• Prince George is the UK's future King
  • He's the son of Prince William and Duchess Kate
  • Kate has revealed her son's surprising hobby

Prince George may be the future King of the UK, but he still has pretty typical childhood hobbies. The 8-year-old royal was recently spotted playing football, and his mother Duchess Kate has now revealed another of her son's activities away from school.

Prince George has a surprising new hobby

William and Kate visited a farm in Wales this week, and it turns out their son has a lot in common with the farmers they met there.

Prince George was recently on his half-term holiday, and Duchess Kate said her son spent it "moving feed" on a farm. "That was George's job at half term," she explained.

Prince George has a surprising new hobby

The Duchess of Cambridge felt at home during the farm visit. She said her family loves the countryside and enjoys work that gets them "filthy." So it sounds like Prince George doesn't mind getting his hands dirty on farm work and feeding the animals.

Also interesting:

Prince George is having a pretty typical childhood for the moment, but that'll no doubt change as he moves up the line of succession. He's the future King after Prince Charles and Prince William.

For more on Prince George's hobby and the royal farm visit, please watch the video above.