• Queen Elizabeth has a new item for sale
  • The Queen is now selling dog cologne
  • It's available at Sandringham gift shop

Queen Elizabeth has recently started selling a range of food and drink items at her various residences. But this time, the 95-year-old Queen is going into business on an unexpected product: dog cologne!

Really? Yes, the Queen is selling cologne for dogs

Of all things, the royals are selling canine cologne in the gift shop at Sandringham House, which is the monarch's home in Norfolk. Adorably, it is called "Happy Hounds."

Happy Hounds dog cologne apparently smells like "coastal walks," and dog owners needn't fear: it is a unisex scent.

Also interesting:

Queen Elizabeth is a noted lover of dogs. She recently even had a cute moment with a pup during an appointment.

For the full story on the Queen's new dog cologne, please watch the video above.