Thursday this week will mark Veterans Day and Remembrance Day in nations around the world. 

Prince Harry, a veteran who holds military causes close to his heart, will travel to New York for a special event before the commemorative day. But there's a debate brewing on if he should have the right to wear a military uniform at the gala.

Prince Harry not expected to wear uniform at veterans gala

On Nov. 10, Prince Harry will attend the Salute to Freedom gala. Aboard a warship, he'll make a speech and present an award to American service members and veterans.

However, the Duke is not expected to wear a uniform at the military event. According to the Daily Mail, he'll instead wear a black tie and pin four military medals to his suit.

Prince Harry not expected to wear his military uniform at a Nov. 10 ceremony.

The British royals are a proud military family, known to wear uniforms at ceremonial events. But Harry gave up the privilege when he left royal work, and that remains so despite his own military service — which included two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

As a royal, Prince Harry held one military role and two honorary military titles, which he had hoped to keep despite leaving royal work.

In the end, he reluctantly had to surrender the military connections when he and Meghan stepped down as senior royals. With that, he gave up the right to wear the uniform that went with them.

Some are defending Prince Harry in this instance, however. At the new gala, he'll be on a US warship among American veterans. He is also a veteran himself who will be attending a ceremony the day before Veterans/Remembrance Day.

But, because his military roles were attained through the Royal Family, his particular uniform could imply he's representing Queen Elizabeth II on royal duty. So Harry is expected to go without the uniform at the Nov. 10 gala.