• Jupiter's Legacy is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix
  • Streaming in over 50 countries, it has become a worldwide sensation

The show has unquestionably become one of the all-time fan favorites on Netflix, with millions of streamers watching the action unfold every week. With such a highly popular production, it's always good to peek behind the curtain. Here are ten facts that you absolutely need to know about Jupiter's Legacy:

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Jupiter's Legacy Is A Real Home Run!

RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2021 Season 1 TV series TITLE: Jupiter s Legacy STUDIO: DIRECTOR: PLOT: The first generation of sup

Fact 1: The series takes place in two time periods! From 1929 to 1932, we get to see the origins of the first generation of the superhero family. In the present time, the new generation plays a major role in particular, and actually clashes with the superheroes from the first generation! Talk about family drama. Just one of the things that makes the show so irresistible!

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