We are headed back to the 1920's. In the third season of the hit show Babylon Berlin, "Gereon Rath" and "Charlotte Ritter" once again facing new adventures in the glamorous and equally vicious Berlin of the roaring twenties.

Like the two previous seasons, the new episodes are based on a book, this time the novel 'The Silent Death' by Volker Kutscher. In the new season, "Gereon" and "Charlotte" immerse themselves in the world of movie stars and are facing a series of murders.

Babylon Berlin - Season 3: "Gereon Rath" and "Charlotte Ritter" are back at it

It is apparent from the first trailer, the new season of Babylon Berlin is as powerful and visually enticing as the previous ones. Amazing costumes and tumultuous scenes will give you goose bumps again this time around. Right in the middle: a masked murderer who doesn't just have one person on his conscience.

Babylon Berlin - Season 3: First official trailer

In season 3, the cast for the leading roles is still the same. Volker Bruch (39) is back as inspector "Gereon Rath", still suffering from shell shock, and Liv Lisa Fries (28) appears alongside him again as the gorgeous and smaret "Charlotte Ritter". In the meantime, she has made her way from typist to criminal assistant.

The twelve new episodes of "Babylon Berlin" will be released in early 2020 on Sky in the UK and shortly after on Netflix in the US. Then we will get to see whether "Gereon" and "Charlotte" can also solve their new case and if these two eventually end up together...!

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