Barack Obama has put on his entertainment critic's hat once again.

Over the weekend, the former U.S. president released his picks for the best in music, movies, television, and books of 2020. Obama, an avid reader and media consumer, has been sharing his year-end favourites for several years now. Here's what won over his tastes in 2020.

Music: Barack Obama's favorite songs list, 2020

Obama's music picks—probably the most popular of his lists—dropped on Saturday. And, this year, he noted the list came about with "some valuable consultation from our family music guru, Sasha."

Sasha, the 19-year-old daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, may have influenced her father's picks on contemporary hip-hop, rap, indie, and pop. But he also included legends who are still at it today—such as Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

Barack Obama's 2020 movie and TV show picks

Of his year-end picks for movies and television, Obama wrote: "Like everyone else, we were stuck inside a lot this year, and with streaming further blurring the lines between theatrical movies and television features, I've expanded the list to include visual storytelling that I've enjoyed this year, regardless of format."

Some of the year's big streaming titles (such as Mank, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, and The Queen's Gambit) made his list, while indie works, including Bacurau and Nomadland, were also represented.

For the readers among us, Obama also laid down his book picks of the year, but referenced omitting what he thinks is "a pretty good book" — his own, A Promised Land, which came out last month.

For more on the entertainment year in-review, take a look back at 2020 in music here, or see what the most googled movies and TV shows were here.

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