• Cobra Kai is officially returning this year
  • Netflix reveals when the episodes will drop
  • Cobra Kai fans get first look at season 5

Cobra Kai is one of the most popular Netflix shows, and now we know when to expect more episodes! On Thursday, Netflix dropped a brand-new trailer for season 5, giving fans a first look at where things pick up for the characters.

Cobra Kai season 5 will debut in September

Cobra Kai's fifth season looks like it will start not long after where the previous one ended. The trailer sees Cobra Kai established as the top dojo, while also teasing some plot points and exciting dynamics between the characters! Father-son duo "Johnny Lawrence" (Billy Zabka) and "Robby Keen" (Tanner Buchanan) will be teaming up together as they go to Mexico in the hopes of tracking down "Miguel Diaz". 

We also know from the teaser trailer that Yuji Okomoto's "Chozen" will also be showing up again. He can be seen sharing a scene with Thomas Ian Griffith's "Terry Silver" and Daniel LaRusso's "Ralph Macchio" of Karate Kid fame. And of course, fans can expect the return of many familiar faces as well, including Peyton List's "Tory Nichols," who we learned last season is keeping a big secret from the rest of her dojo after her competition win.

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Cobra Kai's upcoming season certainly promises to be an exciting one, and Netflix has also shared that the show is returning ahead of its typical premiere date! "Our New Year’s tradition just got bumped up a few months," the show's official social media page shared, revealing that it will be dropping on the streaming service on September 9. We can't wait to see what season 5 has in store!