Derek Hough will be taking to the ballroom floor on Dancing With the Stars once again— this time with his girlfriend, Hayley Erbert! As People reports, Hough and Erbert are set to perform a special dance together in season 29.

Hough and Erbert met on Dancing With the Stars

Hough and Erbert's performance was announced on Wednesday by ABC! It's not yet known what song they will be dancing to or what style of dance they will be taking on, but the network shared that the couple's routine will be taking place in October.

It's fitting that Hough and Erbert will be taking to the dance floor together. That's because the two have been dating since 2015 after they found love— which was thanks to DWTS! As People shares, Erbert first appeared on the show as a troupe dancer back in season 21. Hough on the other hand has been a DWTS mainstay, competing on the show for 17 seasons and becoming the pro to win the mirrorball trophy the most times.

Hough hasn't danced on Dancing With the Stars in 3 years

Hough's performance on Dancing With the Stars is especially exciting news for fans of the professional dancer since he hasn't danced on the show since 2017! Season 23 is the last time Hough appeared as a pro on DWTS, dancing alongside Marilu Henner until they were eliminated.

As People mentions, Hough recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and talked about his relationship with his girlfriend. "We came together, we got closer," he said of spending time with Erbert over quarantine. "We grew as a couple tremendously. We even started a YouTube channel together, cooking."

In September, it was announced that Hough would be returning to the show in a new role, joining the panel of judges! This season of DWTS has already featured some noteworthy moments, including when Carole Baskin's dance debut was interrupted by a commercial her missing husband's family aired. Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert's dance is sure to be unforgettable, and we can't wait to see them perform live on DWTS on October 19!

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