• DWTS executive producer steps down
  • Tom Bergeron gets asked his thoughts by fan
  • Bergeron's response is a shocking one

Tom Bergeron doesn't seem to think too highly of Andrew Linares! The former Dancing with the Stars host made a tweet this week about Linares's exit as the show's executive producer, and he certainly didn't mince words.

Bergeron suggests EP's exit was caused by "karma"

Bergeron found himself tagged in a fan's tweet about Linares leaving DWTS. "Your thoughts?" the fan asked. While there was no guarantee that he would respond, Bergeron took the opportunity to share how he really felt about the situation! "Karma's a b**ch," the star replied, along with an emoji of a winking face. 

Tom Bergeron arrives at the 2019 "Dancing With The Stars" Cast Reveal on August 21, 2019

That wasn't the only fan tweet about DWTS that Bergeron chose to engage with either! When he was asked how he felt about singer Tinashe getting eliminated from the show, he responded with a few cryptic emojis. After another fan asked if he agreed that she "deserved better," Bergeron clarified his stance. "Actually didn’t watch so don’t have an opinion either way," he stated.

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Bergeron left DWTS along with co-host Erin Andrews back in 2020, with Tyra Banks taking over the duo's hosting duties. When he announced his exit, he called being on the show "the most unexpected gift of my career." As for what happened behind the scenes to make Bergeron respond the way he did, time will only tell if the full story comes to light!