Dylan McDermott has someone he wants you to meet...

Today, the actor shared an icy new look at his character in Law & Order: Organized Crime, the highly-anticipated series that welcomes Christopher Meloni (as "Elliot Stabler") back to the Law & Order franchise.

Dylan McDermott's Law & Order: Organized Crime character

McDermott, 59, is joining the Law & Order universe in the new spin-off series and just today previewed his character on the show.

For now, the former star of The Practice remained tight-lipped about his character's name and other details, only captioning the post with "April 1," tagging Law & Order: SVU, and using the hashtag for Organized Crime. But, judging by the picture, we're guessing the sharp-dressed figure shot against a cold palette may lean to the criminal side of the series.

Law & Order: Organized Crime - Premiere date with SVU

Organized Crime is set to premiere on April 1 in a crossover event with Law & Order: SVU, where "Stabler" will reunite with "Olivia Benson" (Mariska Hargitay). The new series will see "Stabler" head a unit tackling organized crime after he suffers a personal loss.

Other Organized Crime cast members known at this time are Tamara Taylor and Danielle Moné Truitt. Hargitay is also confirmed to be appearing in the series on a recurring basis. And, yes, that "Benson" / "Stabler" reunion has already been filming, as the longtime former co-stars have been sharing pictures on set together.

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