Money Heist has given us viewers countless memorable scenes and tense stories throughout the four seasons it has brought to Netflix and has also given fans the remix of the hit song "Bella Ciao". But did you know the important back story behind it? This is the history behind the Money Heist anthem "Bella Ciao".

Everything You Need To Know About "Bella Ciao" From Money Heist

Contrary to what many people believe, the song was not in fact created specifically for the series, actually far from it. Although the date of its creation is unknown, it is believed that "Bell Ciao" is a song that has existed since the 1800s so the author of the original will always be a mystery.

Apparently, the women who worked in Italian rice paddy fields called "mondina's" sang about the grueling labor, awful conditions, and terrible wages. It was not just a song about suffering but a protest song asking for change and eventual freedom.

It Was A World War II Anthem

Even though the tune stems as far back as the 1800s, the theme was adapted to be a hymn for the antifascist resistance and was used by the Italian partisans of the 1940s. So during the Second World War the Italian Resistance utilized the song against the Nazi German forces occupying Italy.

So "Bella Ciao" has this worldwide meaning: that of anti-fascism, freedom, and resistance!

The worldwide popularity of the song has had many different versions performed by many different talents like Mercedes Sosa, Manu Chao, Anita Lane, Savage Rose, to mention just a few. 

Thus, despite the fact that the origins of the subject are not clear, what is a reality is the meaning that it has acquired, as well as the renewed popularity it has gained in recent years thanks to Money Heist, which allowed it to continue to be known around the world across many generations.