It's nearly time to return to Manderley once more.

On Sept. 8, Netflix released the first trailer for Rebecca, its 2020 adaptation of the 1938 novel by Daphne Du Maurier. Armie Hammer and Lily James take the lead roles in the new film, with Kristin Scott Thomas in the scene-stealing support role of "Mrs. Danvers."

Netflix's Rebecca: Watch the official trailer 

Famously adapted in 1940 by Alfred Hitchcock, Rebecca is the story of "Mrs. de Winter" (James), a newlywed tormented by the lasting presence and memories of her husband's deceased first wife, "Rebecca." 

Netflix calls the new film a "modern adaptation" of Du Maurier's gothic novel. Watch the trailer below.

Rebecca director says he's not remaking 1940 Hitchcock movie

British filmmaker Ben Wheatley is on record as saying the new film is not a direct remake of Hitchcock's 1940 Best Picture-winner of the same title. "It's not, in any sense, a remake of the Hitchcock film, firmly not," he told Empire.

"Remaking a film is not that interesting to me, but the original source material is. I watched all the adaptations," he added. "It's important to see what's gone before, but that’s certainly not the focus."

Netflix's 'Rebecca' Remake Cast: Armie Hammer & Lily James

If today's first look is any indicator, Wheatley and Netflix's Rebecca looks set to deliver a dark romantic drama with elements of supernatural/psychological horror — plus a finely-cast trio of stars. 

Watch Rebecca when it premieres on Netflix (ahead of Halloween) on Oct. 21.

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