• Jesse Williams might return to Grey's Anatomy
  • The actor left the medical drama last season
  • Williams also addressed the future of "Japril"

Jesse Williams has addressed the possibility of returning to Grey's Anatomy at some point in the future! During a recent interview, Williams shared his thoughts on revisiting "Jackson Avery" with Entertainment Tonight, and fans will be excited to learn he's open to the idea!

Williams says Grey's return is "totally a possibility"

Williams exited Grey's Anatomy in season 17, with his character relocating to Boston in order to pursue a new work opportunity. Since "Jackson" wasn't killed off like some of the show's other fan favourite characters have been, the door is open for Williams to return if the storyline allowed for it— and if he was interested in coming back!


“He still exists in the world of the show," the actor said of "Jackson," commenting that showing up again is "totally a possibility." Since "Jackson's" exit also left the door open for things to continue between him and Sarah Drew's "April Kepner," he also shared what he thinks the future holds for the couple! Williams said he thinks "Japril" are "definitely around each other and they’re definitely seeing each other." 

Also interesting:

Grey's Anatomy is currently in the middle of season 18 and was renewed for season 19 earlier this year. Williams' answer will surely excite fans, since other former cast members such as Sandra Oh have stated that they do not plan on returning to the series. Time will only tell whether or not we'll see "Jackson" again before the series wraps for good, but at least we know the actor who plays him thinks it could happen!