Grey's Anatomy has featured several character-focused episodes this season, and this week's episode continued that trend! Season 17, episode 14— titled "Look Up Child"— is centered on Jesse Williams' "Jackson" as the surgeon makes a profound decision about his future, leading him to reconnect with two important people from his past.

"Jackson" looks for answers from his estranged father

"Jackson" is seen heading off on an 11-hour drive in the final moments of episode 12, and now we know where he ended up! His first stop is to visit his estranged father "Robert," who runs a bar in Montana. When "Robert" says he had assumed "Jackson" didn't want to hear from him during the pandemic, his son explains he's come in search of answers.

He says that after talking to his mother about he wants to fix the system, she told him he sounded like his father— a comment he hasn't been able to get out of his head. "Jackson" then opens up to "Robert" about how he feels "stuck" in his current situation, wanting to make a change and go off the grid. He also expresses his anger towards his father for walking out of his life, telling him how it has impacted him.

"Jackson" says that this decision gave him the compulsion to "run away" and also be "the best" at everything he does, getting progressively upset before injuring his hand in a meat slicer. Later, "Jackson" also brings up how "Robert" has missed out on every big moment he's experienced. His father admits that he regretted leaving, telling "Jackson" that he isn't like him. "‘Cause on your worst day, you are ten times the man I am," he says.

"Jackson" and "April" have an emotionally charged reunion

Grey's Anatomy fans have known for some time that Sarah Drew would be returning to the show as "April Kepner," and hoped this would mean a reunion with "Jackson". As it turns out, the two characters did reunite in the episode, and their relationship dynamic ended up playing a big role! Drew herself took to Twitter while the episode aired and encouraged fans to tweet at her using the hashtag "#japril," which is the name they have dubbed the former couple.

"Jackson" turns up at "April's" door in the pouring rain, having flashbacks of their time together when he sees her and their daughter, "Harriet". He goes inside to help "April" with "Harriet," who has a fever. Just as "April" is taking a shower though, the power suddenly goes out. "Jackson" and "April" light candles and talk, leading to a revelation. "Jackson" wants to move to Boston to take over his father's foundation— and he wants "April" and her family to go with him.

Much of "Jackson" and "April's" dialogue with one another in the following scenes is a conversational push and pull. While "Jackson" tries to convince "April" of his decision, making several impassioned speeches about how he feels it's what he needs to do, she questions him at every turn. That's because "April" isn't sure if she wants to uproot her life for something that might not work out.

"Jackson" and "April" remain hopeful for "new horizons"

"Jackson" is ecstatic when "April" eventually comes around to agree with his proposition, acknowledging that the two have always had "bad timing" with things. Not long afterwards, "April" drops a bombshell of her own, revealing that she and her ex-husband "Matthew" are no longer together. "Jackson" and "April" then embrace, sharing a sweet moment. "Fingers crossed for new horizons," "April" says, and "Jackson" echoes her statement.

He then goes to visit his mother "Catherine," informing her that he's headed for Boston to take over the foundation. She is shown to be incredibly proud of her son's decision, asking him where he'd been. It remains to be seen what "Jackson's" departure from Grey Sloan Memorial will mean for his future on the show, and what will happen now that he and "April" are both headed to Boston! 

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