The pandemic hits Grey Sloan Memorial

'Grey's Anatomy': Kelly McCreary Talks "Meredith" Battling COVID-19

Grey's Anatomy: Kelly McCreary Talks "Meredith" Battling COVID-19

Grey's Anatomy season 17 has been underway for a few weeks now. Along with the usual drama and tension, the new episodes have featured surprise comebacks and "Meredith" shockingly in a battle with the coronavirus. Now, in a new interview, star Kelly McCreary has spoken on whether or not "Meredith" will die of her life-threatening diagnosis and if season 17 could be the show's last.

The new Grey's Anatomy season has jumped right into the midst of the pandemic. The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are struggling and trying everything to save the lives of their patients.

As if that wasn't enough, show star "Meredith" (Ellen Pompeo) has also fallen ill with COVID-19. Now, in a new interview, "Maggie" actress Kelly McCreary spoke on how she thinks the season will play out.

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Grey's Anatomy: Could "Meredith" die in season 17?

In the interview with Access Hollywood, McCreary shared her view on why the popular medical series is tackling the pandemic. "COVID has touched the lives of millions and millions of Americans," she began. "And yet, so many more are not necessarily aware of the impact of what it looks like, what it feels like, how scary it is."

Now that even "Meredith" is affected, McCreary hopes that Grey's Anatomy can show viewers the extent of the virus. But the actress was also asked whether or not "Meredith" will survive the illness.

"Well I can't answer because I don't have any information," she explained. "I have no idea how this particular part of the story is gonna pan out."

However, the "Maggie" actress thinks it's great that "Meredith" and "Derek" (Patrick Dempsey) have reunited. "We don't want ["Meredith"] to die, but we like seeing this," she joked of the beach dream sequences.

Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo in a scene from the series 'Grey's Anatomy'

Kelly McCreary on if Grey's Anatomy season 17 will be its last

McCreary also addressed rumours of a possible series finale. In the interview, she said it's difficult to say when exactly Grey's Anatomy will end, but she added: "As long as there is still stuff to explore in the hospital with these characters, as their lives develop, as their careers develop — we could go on telling stories forever.

"Now, will we? That I do not know," Kelly shared. "It could go on, but we'll see." Every Thursday is a tense one as fans tune in to find out whether "Meredith" will pull through. Worldwide viewers still await a premiere date for season 17.

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