HBO Max will be the newest streaming service to join the mix when it launches on May 27. As part of this exciting announcement, HBO released new trailers for several shows and named the programs that will feature on the platform!

We'll take a look at some of the highlights below.

HBO Max: Friends reunion and other series

First things first: There isn't an update on the HBO Max Friends reunion series just yet. Production was paused due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, which has delayed the release date. But it's still happening when it's safe to resume production!

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Regardless, there's plenty to look forward to on HBO Max. For one, the entire back catalogue of Friends will be available, as will the full series of The Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, and Rick and Morty

Other series including South Park, Gossip Girl, and The West Wing will join the platform shortly after its May launch.

Warner Bros and DC superhero films such as Joker, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman will also stream on HBO Max.

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Studio Ghibli movies: Stream them on HBO Max

HBO Max will also feature a selection of classic and arthouse Criterion Collection titles and the entire Studio Ghibli collection (including films like Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke)!

HBO Max original content: Watch Max Originals

Original content, called Max Originals, is another highlight of HBO's new service. These shows include Love Life (with Anna Kendrick), Legendary (a dance competition series), an all-new Looney Tunes reboot series, and The Not Too Late Show with Elmo.

Check out some of the trailers for yourself below!

Love Life: HBO Max trailer

Legendary: HBO Max trailer

Looney Tunes: HBO Max trailer

The Not Too Late Show with Elmo: HBO Max trailer

HBO Max launches on May 27 - a little more than one month from now!

It will be available to US customers for $14.99 / month and offer over 10,000 hours of content upon launch.

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