Mama June: Family Crisis Sneak Peek

Fans have been on the edge of their seats all season of Mama June: Family Crisis to finally see Mama June herself. Her entire family has been affected and uprooted because of June's drug-induced actions and she has been hiding from her family, including her daughters.

On Mama June: From Not To Hot we watched as she lost her job on the show, her daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" moved in with her sister Pumpkin out of fear of June's drug habits, and June even sold the family home and all of her daughters and granddaughters belongings due to financial issues and being unable to afford the $2,500 a day drug habit

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And that was only the tip of the iceberg. The whole season we have watched the sweet Shannon/Thomspon family do their best to adjust to the new circumstances and get help for June who has avoided them for so long. Now finally June agreed to start out-patient rehab with the help of her daughter Pumpkin. Pumpkin wanted her to do in-patient rehab but was relieved that she agreed to out-patient. 

In last week's episode, June came semi-clean about her habits and even took a drug test for her daughter. Lauryn was getting frustrated with her mother for not taking rehab seriously and not taking full responsibility for her addiction. Now in a new clip released by Entertainment Tonight June is seen in an interview with a therapist from the treatment center ask her "at this point, how do you feel about your addiction?" to which June shockingly responds with "It's kind of hard for me to say that. I feel like I have spent a lot of money." 

The therapist pressed on and asked "Do you feel you have an addiction?" to which June said no she has "an addictive personality but when I think about a drug addict I don't think about myself." The very professional staff made her aware of how important it was for her to be able to move forward once she admitted she was an addict. June protested and said she was simply "managing every day, but I knew to manage and get up and do what I needed to do, that dope had to be there when I woke up."

June justifies not calling herself an addict because she would go on "binges for a few days" and then take short breaks in between her binges, lasting from a few days to weeks (according to her). The therapist wisely made all of her statements clear like her choice to not get her tooth fixed and instead chose to spend the money on crack cocaine. 

Hopefully, June get's better and healthier! She has even posted about her friend from rehab's tragic overdose and encouraged other facing addiction to get help, so hopefully, she is now admitting she has an addiction issue.

Check out the sneak peek here: