It's rare for an actor star in two TV series at the same time. Does Wilmer Valderrama plan to do that after his big career news?

Valderrama was just cast as the lead in a new Zorro series with Disney. Could the actor be moving on from NCIS as a result? Here's what we know so far.

Is Wilmer Valderrama leaving NCIS after new Zorro series?

So far, Valderrama has not addressed the possibility of exiting NCIS. But there is reason to speculate that he could be on his way out.

The star has played "Nick Torres" on NCIS since season 14, and he's become a staple of the show in recent years. However, he last signed a new contract with CBS in 2020, so it's possible that his deal expires after this season.

The future of NCIS is also a question mark at this point. Before Mark Harmon exited as "Gibbs," a report came out saying the show nearly ended last season when Harmon first discussed leaving.

That didn't happen, and NCIS is still TV's most popular series now in season 19. But the show has yet to be renewed for season 20.

If "Torres" were to exit, NCIS has introduced the new leading characters "Parker" (Gary Cole) and "Knight" (Katrina Law). In addition, "Bishop" (Emily Wickersham) departed last season, ending her popular storyline with Valderrama's character.

For the moment, the future of NCIS — and Valderrama's role on it — is uncertain. In the meantime, Valderrama has locked down the iconic role of "Zorro" in Disney's new TV adaptation.

Wilmer Valderrama is Disney's new "Zorro" star

Valderrama is clearly thrilled about his new role. In the announcement, the Latino American actor said that, in his youth, "Zorro" was the only character who made him feel like he "could be a hero." He called the news "a dream come true."

Valderrama also posted an inspirational message on Instagram in which he wrote: "There has been one consistent truth in my life, YOU have to believe it's possible.. only you can make it all real!" No clarification for NCIS fans just yet, however.

Congrats to Wilmer on his Zorro news and we'll see if it impacts NCIS in the near future! The show resumes season 19 in the new year.