Fans love to hate handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character "Negan" on The Walking Dead and now we finally get to meet his wife "Lucille"! Luckily, the perfect person will be portraying her...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Wife Hilarie Burton Joins The Walking Dead

Hilarie Burton, Jeffrey Dean Morgan's wife, is joining her husband's show! AMC has just announced that The Walking Dead will be featuring her as "Negan's" wife "Lucille".

Fans know "Lucille" as the name of "Negan's" handy baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire and now we finally get to see the story behind it play out on the show.

In Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comics, "Negan's" wife "Lucille" had terminal cancer and she found out her husband was having an affair. "Negan" ended the affair and took care of "Lucille" in her last days.

The zombie outbreak began during the same time she died so "Negan" named his favorite survival weapon after her. The cast and crew are being very tight-lipped about whether or not the series will feature the same story as the comic but they are all very excited to have Hilarie on board.

The One Tree Hill actress tweeted out "Been pretty hard to keep this a secret. But I love working with @JDMorgan." Fans are over the moon because of the fun news and will be getting even more episodes than originally planned! The series was set to end after season 10 but after COVID-19 delayed production, AMC decided to extend the series to an 11th season!

We can't wait to meet "Lucille"!

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