The Jersey Shore Heats Up!

There is some sweaty tension rising up in the latest episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation! The gang is back together for Angelina's bachelorette party and things are heating up between old flames JWoww and Pauly D.

Jenni is on a break from her ex "24" after the drama surrounding Angelina and "24" getting handsy in Las Vegas finally aired. Jenni was heartbroken when she watched the footage and asked Zack "24" Clayton to move out. So now she is free as a bird!

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While at a strip club for Angelina's bachelorette, all eyes fell on JWoww and Pauly D as they danced and flirted all night long! The two made constant jokes to each other while dancing together and rubbing each other's shoulders.

Pauly even joked "How much for a lap dance though, for real? I got a black card. I would pay infinity for that lap dance, I'll give you my bank account. I'll give you my routing number." The two even cuddled in the same bed that night, although nothing progressed further than that.

Mike 'The Situation' Wary Of Pauly D and JWoww Romance

All of the cast members like Ronnie, Angelina, Vinny, Snooki, and Deena were encouraging it and hoping the two would get together except Mike who was worried. Deena even joked "I would love to see Pauly and Jenni do sex. It would like, be my favorite thing!"

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Wise Mike 'The Situation' disagreed the next day when he and Ronnie were speaking about the sexual tension. "If things don't necessarily work out it may cause people to start picking sides. Somebody catches feelings, next thing you know, people are going to start picking sides. And that may not be a good situation." Understandably, he doesn't want anything to break up the band.

We'll have to wait until next week to see if the crew heeds Mike's warning or if JWoww and Pauly go full throttle!