Jessica Chastain's newest role sees her playing an assassin with lots of questions and a target on her back!

As People shares, the brand-new trailer for the upcoming movie just dropped, giving a first glimpse at her character— the titular "Ava"— in action. 

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Chastain's "Ava" puts her life on the line by questioning kill orders

"Ava" is an assassin who works for a covert black ops organization, but begins to question the orders she's been given. When she faces doubts about who she's been sent to kill, "Simon" (Colin Farrell) orders her death.

"I know you like Ava, but she’s a liability," "Simon" can be seen telling "Ava's" mentor "Duke" (John Malkovich) in the trailer. "She’s talking to the targets." However, "Duke" counters what "Simon" says about his protégé. "No, not her," he says. "She’s best of the breed. I recruited her, I trained her."

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"Ava" then comes to "Duke" for guidance and protection, but her mentor gives her a warning. "You keep breaking protocol," he tells her. "I warned you, I'm not going to be able to protect you a second time."

That's because as the trailer shows, "Simon" continues to send his forces to kill Ava. "She’s always been Duke’s favorite but she’s a loose cannon," he says. "I want her killed. This is business."

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Chastain has another action thriller in the works with ensemble cast

Chastain's Ava isn't the only exciting new project for the star! As People reports, she's gearing up to release the spy thriller 355, which also stars Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong'o, Diane Kruger and Fan Bingbing.

Last July, Chastain shared a video on Instagram showing the cast of 355— including Sebastian Stan and Edgar Ramirez— at a table read, revealing that production had begun on the film! 

Ava is currently scheduled to hit theatres on September 25, and also stars Geena Davis, Ioan Gruffudd, Joan Chen, and Common. 

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Watch Jessica Chastain in the exciting first look trailer for Ava here!