Johnny Weir and Britt Stewart's time on Dancing With the Stars has unfortunately come to an end! On Monday night, Weir and Stewart were one of the latest couples to depart the reality show— leaving with Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten in a surprising double elimination— and they opened up to Entertainment Tonight not long after it happened.

Weir says he and Stewart "are bound now for life" after DWTS

Weir was emotional as he talked about Stewart, revealing that competing together on the show has made them incredibly close friends! "The best thing that has come out of Dancing With the Stars is Britt," the pro figure skater told Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima. "We are bound now for life, and I will support her until I can no longer text." Weir also talked candidly about his feelings post-elimination, revealing he was "crying for hours" after he and Stewart received low scores on their salsa from the judges.

"I feel horrific. I gave everything that I had for this competition and I have no regrets at all about the performances that we gave," he said. "At the end of the day, it does come down to your scores from the judges as well as how the public sees you and if they choose to vote for you. Honestly, I would 100 times choose to be myself over being popular, and I think that that is a strong message that we have shown this whole competition."

Britt Stewart and Johnny Weir on November 5, 2020.

Stewart talks about the significance of competing with Weir

Stewart also said that she felt lucky to have gotten the opportunity to compete alongside Weir on the show! "I could not have asked for someone better for my first season, but honestly, just in general," she shared with Entertainment Tonight. "Johnny has brought so much amazing light to my life for these last couple months and I'm so proud of our journey."

The pro dancer then went on to talk about the significance of being partnered up with Weir. "I think we represent a minority that people can see. We represent a representation, and we really broke boundaries in this competition," she explained. "And sometimes when you break boundaries and you push the limits, sometimes it's a little bit of a rough change sometimes and not everybody wants to see it."

However, Stewart also echoes Weir's sentiments when it comes to maintaining authenticity! "I completely agree that I would much rather be my authentic self with you than be popular," she admitted. Even though Weir and Stewart will no longer be competing on the show, it's great to hear that the experience was such a meaningful one to both of them, and has resulted in a lifelong friendship!

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