Tyra Banks recently dished on her dos and don'ts of how choosing the perfect gown for Dancing With the Stars! In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the reality show host opened up about her own personal fashion rules, and shared a slip-up that flew under the radar!

Banks' top fashion tip: "You have to play to your strengths"

Banks explained that when it comes to choosing the right gowns, she adheres to some self-imposed guidelines. "There's certain rules that I have," she told Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima. "You have to play to your strengths, so I play to making sure that the waist is snatched -- because, if it's not, I'm well-endowed naturally and it can look a little bit like a mumu."

"I have very broad shoulders and sometimes the dress doesn't really cover the shoulder... so it's got to be wide enough up here," Banks continued. "Can't have satin on the boobies, on the tummy or on the booty. Satin on my booty, shows cellulite, satin on my boobies on TV makes the size they already are ten times bigger. So there's all these [things to remember], like a checklist."

Banks shares her dress slip-up on air during DWTS

Banks also revealed that attempting various costume changes for each episode of DWTS resulted in a wardrobe mishap one night! "I think it was the third or fourth episode, I walk out and my hand is on my back and I was holding my dress together," she said. "It was not zipped up! And I did not have on any of my jewelry."

However, she was able to handle the incident discreetly, continuing on with the show like normal while she took care of the fashion emergency! "Then, you'll notice, a couple of acts later my hand is down, I'm zipped up and I have on jewelry," Banks said.

While DWTS fans may not have noticed the zipper slip-up, they certainly noticed when Banks mistakenly marked the wrong couple as safe last month— a mistake she apologized for on Twitter! Last month, Banks also shared she was rooting for Tiger King's Carole Baskin, who has since been eliminated from the show.