Kaley Cuoco has delivered one of the most memorable performances of the year as "Cassie Bowden" in the new HBO Max show The Flight Attendant. And with the first season coming to a close, fans are undoubtedly wondering if this is the end of "Cassie's" story— or if there's a chance that the psychological thriller could return!

Cuoco says there's "a very clear path" for possible second season

Cuoco previously opened up to Entertainment Weekly about whether or not we'll have the chance to see more of "Cassie" in the future. And according to her, she's optimistic about the possibility of getting to revisit her character! "I hope it doesn’t sound too cocky, but we have always had a vision for a season 2," Cuoco revealed back in October.

The actress— who also executive produces the show— shared that plans for the story are already in place if they get the green light to proceed with a sophomore season! "We have had a very clear path for what a season 2 would look like and we know exactly what it’ll look like," Cuoco said, "and we hope we’ll get the opportunity to do that."

Kaley Cuoco as "Cassie Bowden" in The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant creator wants fans to be "satisfied"

The Flight Attendant's co-creator, Steve Yockey, explained that the writers planned to "have a complete and satisfying emotional arc" for "Cassie", while leaving the door open for the show to continue. "If we were going to do a second season of it, if that opportunity presented itself, it would probably [be] another adventure with Cassie Bowden, flight attendant," Yockey recently told Entertainment Weekly.

However, he didn't want to leave fans with any major cliffhangers in case plans for a second season fell through! "So that makes it really important that if we do only have this one season that people can leave it feeling satisfied," Yockey shared, "they went on the ride and it was fun, engaging, and grounded."

However, that doesn't mean a theoretical season 2 would completely abandon all of the original story's plot elements! "There were pieces obviously in the air that are not like, 'Oh, but I have to know,'" Yockey went on to say. "There are pieces that exist in a way that if we were to do another one of these adventures, we could certainly pick some things up."