• Kristen Stewart dives deep into directorial debut
  • She'll make a bold and controversial adaptation
  • A thrilling dive in 'The Chronology of Water'

Kristen Stewart, the beloved star known for her roles that range from indie gems to blockbuster sagas, is charting new territory, and it's not for the faint of heart. Her upcoming project, 'The Chronology of Water,' delves into the tumultuous life of a woman grappling with her identity amidst grief, addiction, and untraditional sexuality. Stewart's candid take? It's going to be "hard to watch" but undeniably thrilling. "I think people would want to see that," she muses, juxtaposing the film's heavy themes with the more palatable cinematic fare.

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Behind the camera: A new chapter

Transitioning from the silver screen to the director's chair, Stewart opens up about the challenges and exhilarations of bringing a deeply personal and controversial story to life. "It’s kind of a self-conscious thing," she admits, highlighting the difficulty of navigating the film industry's complexities. Yet, her passion for storytelling, especially from a perspective that's both raw and real, shines through. Stewart's ambition? To tailor experiences that resonate on a profound level, beyond the transient highs of acting roles.

In 'Love Lies Bleeding,' Stewart's portrayal of "Lou," a gym manager entwined in crime and passion, sets the stage for her directorial ethos. The film's blend of violence, humor, and odd tonal shifts mirrors the thematic boldness Stewart aims to embody in 'The Chronology of Water.' "It’s confronting," she says, acknowledging the film's capacity to shock and provoke.

Kristen Stewart and Katy O Brian USA. Kristen Stewart and Katy O Brian in (C)A24/Lionsgate UK new film: Love Lies Bleedi

Kristen Stewart's leap into directing is not just a career pivot; it's a statement. With 'The Chronology of Water,' she's not just making a film; she's sparking a conversation about gender, sexuality, and the very fabric of storytelling. As Stewart embarks on this journey, one thing is clear: the cinematic world is in for a thrill ride, and we're all eagerly strapped in.

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