Child star Macaulay Culkin is all grown up and is being very responsible! Check out how he promoted coronavirus safety in this playful way.

Macaulay Culkin's Home Alone Mask

Macaulay Culkin has built an impressive following of playful nerds, cinephiles, and silly fans so he posted a photo on social media to promote coronavirus safety. He captioned the photo with, "Just staying Covid-safe by wearing the flayed skin of my younger self. Don't forget to wear your masks, kids."

In the photo, you can see Macaulay posing with a personalized mask showing the lower half of his face in the iconic Home Alone scene where he uses aftershave for the first time.

Creative Macaulay is standing in front of a lego Empire State Building, referring to his equally fun and cult-classic sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

Surprisingly, the Culkin family watches the films over the holidays like the rest of us! Macaulay's brother told Entertainment Tonight, "You would think that because he was in it, because it was such a big thing, that we wouldn't be able to enjoy it like a Christmas movie. But over the years we have been able to."

Check out the original scene here!

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