• Channing Tatum is getting ready to film the third Magic Mike
  • He opened up about what rehearsals have looked like
  • Tatum also addressed the possibility of a co-star's return

Channing Tatum is getting ready for Magic Mike's Last Dance! In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor talked about getting ready for the final film in the Magic Mike franchise, which is set to start filming this year.

Tatum says fans are "getting 100" with third Magic Mike 

Tatum announced that he would be involved in a new Magic Mike movie last year, sharing the news with fans on social media. The upcoming third and instalment of the series will see him reprise his role as professional stripper "Mike Lane," and it sounds like rehearsals have been pretty serious.

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The actor revealed he's been spending "three hours a day in a garage in the Valley" rehearsing the dances for the film, saying he "can't even describe" what it looks like. He said fans will be "getting 100 on this one" and he's putting "everything and the kitchen sink" into it, suggesting that the routines in the new Magic Mike will be even more amped up than the last!

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Tatum also addressed fans' hopes that Matthew McConaughey will return as "Dallas". He said that McConaughey "loves what he did in the first movie so much," and was unsure if he would want to be involved in the new one. As Entertainment Tonight mentions, Magic Mike's Last Dance will begin shooting in London and Italy in March, and later debut on HBO Max.