Will "Callen" and "Anna" still tie the knot?

'NCIS: LA': Fans Angry At "Callen" Engagement Plot In New Episode

NCIS: LA: Fans Disappointed By Engagement Plot In New Episode

NCIS: L.A. season 12 returned this week and fans were looking forward to the long-awaited engagement of "Callen" and "Anna." But in the new episode, an intense conversation made "Callen" reconsider the decision. Will they still be getting married? Here's what went down...

After the holidays, NCIS: L.A. season 12 returned with a new episode on Sunday. Fans were expecting to see the engagement of "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) and "Anna" (Bar Paly), but they were severely disappointed. 

During the winter premiere, "Callen" spoke to "Anna's" father "Arkady" (Vyto Ruginis). The agent actually decided to propose to his girlfriend, but the conversation with her father didn't go as expected.

NCIS: L.A.: Will "Callen" and "Anna" get married after all?

Instead of encouraging "Callen" to propose, "Arkady" stopped him from taking the step. Viewers were outraged by the development, venting about the thwarted love story on social media.

"NCIS: L.A." - "Callen" 

"Callen" and "Anna" have had an on-again, off-again relationship dating back to season 6. But in the last few episodes, their love made more and more progress and it was thought that a marriage proposal was coming in season 12.

NCIS: L.A. season 12: New episode release date - Jan. 10

This season, "Anna" took a job volunteering with people hit particularly hard by the pandemic. But there were still expectations of a new stage in the "Callen" and "Anna" relationship, a popular one in the NCIS franchise. Of the relationship, showrunner R. Scott Gemmill had told TVLine:

"That job takes ["Anna"] away from Los Angeles, and during that time 'Callen' really realizes how much he misses her — to the point where he decides maybe it's time for him to, you know, make things between them 'permanent.'"

After the conversation between "Callen" and "Arkady," it appears a proposal to "Anna" may have to wait and is at risk of no longer happening. The next episode airs this Sunday, Jan. 10.