This past Sunday marked the fall finale of NCIS: L.A.. The eleventh episode, titled "Answers", among other things dealt with the relationship of "Kensi" (Daniela Ruah, 35) and "Deeks" (Eric Christian Olsen, 42), who reveal that they are ready to have a child.

NCIS: L.A.: "Kensi" and "Deeks" are ready for a baby

"Kensi" and "Deeks" are taking another big step in their relationship on NCIS: L.A.: The two have decided to become parents, but it's not really working out yet. "We're always used to technique and protocol and control, and I don't know how to do that with my body," says "Kensi" as "Deeks" hugs her and assures her that everything will be okay.

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The couple hopes that their baby wish will come true, because adoption is out of the question for the two of them. While "Deeks" is plagued by fears that something might go wrong and that it might not work out, "Kensi" tries to think positive thoughts.

"This year, this day, the sun's going to be shining and we're just going to get pregnant," she says. "I know that I want to have a baby with you. We're ready to have a baby."

NCIS: L.A.: "Kensi" and "Deeks" were hesitant at first

However, these two haven't got the best track record when it comes to family planning: In episode four of season 11, the topic came up once. "Kensi" was late and worried about being pregnant. In the end, it turned out that she wasn't. What was good news then is bad news now.

In seasons seven and nine, the topic was already grazed. "Kensi" was unsure whether she wanted children at all, but now nothing seems to stand in the way of baby planning. Will there soon be a baby for "Kensi" and "Deeks" on NCIS: L.A.?

The air date for the next episode of NCIS: L.A. has not yet been announced. We will keep you posted with any news!