The tension is rising on NCIS: L.A.! In the brand new episode "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", Season 12 Episode 12, "Callen” (Chris O'Donnell) learned the truth about his girlfriend “Anna” (Bar Paly).

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 Episode 12 "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" Recap

"Callen" had been keeping his worries about his girlfriend "Anna" a secret to the rest of his team until he was forced by the circumstance to come clean. After finally finding "Anna", he confronted her and learns that the Russian spy "Katya" (Eve Harlow) is after "Anna" and "Callen. "Katya" had escaped prison and taken prisoner of someone close to them...

The tension grew when they realized that "Anna's" Ex "Myshkin" who was helping her protect "Callen" and her father "Arkady," works for the Federal Security Service in Russia and tried to double-cross "Anna." The Russian's want defector "Katya" dead and "Katya" wants to exchange her hostage for "Anna."

NCIS: L.A.: Will SHE survive?

The hostage turns out the be "Callen's" ex and "Anna's" former partner "Jorelle"! "Anna" tried to trade herself for her friend but the plan was thwarted and "Katya" did not show up at the trade-off. Unfortunately for "Callen" and "Anna", the results were even worse than they thought.

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Instead, "Katya" sent a burner phone and "Jorelle's" chopped off finger!" "Katya" used a disguised voice on the phone to say, "Now she's losing even more blood. Follow the rules or next time I'll send something larger. See you soon."

NCIS: L.A. star Chris O'Donnell

On top of that, "Anna's" father "Arkady" could be in danger too! we, the fans, have not seen him since "Callen" asked him about proposing to "Anna"!

We will have to wait and see whether the NCIS: L.A. team will find his ex-girlfriend or if she will die from her injuries. The stakes are high and we are waiting on the edge of our seat. 

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