NCIS: "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) has had a really tragic life story so far.

Mark Harmon has been on the show since day one!

'NCIS': This Is "Gibbs'" Tragic Story

Last night's episode was without "Ziva" which fans are still dealing with. (It was so nice to have her back if only for a little while!) However this week, we saw the team deal with a case about "Rebecca Weeks" who is the suspect of killing her ex-boyfriend who was found dead on board the USS Franklin Roosevelt

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"Weeks" set off on a routine training mission and apparently disabled the tracker on her ejector seat, hid her gear and left to solve a crime all while leaving behind her dead ex-boyfriend who broke up with her for being "too old". It was "Weeks'" bunk mate "Harper Logan" who tells the team this story and the team also finds ground up oxycodone in "Weeks'" bunk and in "Patrick's" system.

Patrick Duffy on NCIS 

Once the team starts their investigation, it leads them to "Rebecca's" godfather who is played by none other than Patrick Duffy! "Jack Briggs" (Duffy), insists that his goddaughter didn't kill her boyfriend and ends up stalling the team long enough for her to take off. We would have loved to see more Patrick Duffy, but we will take what we can get!

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"Gibbs" and "Bishop" track "Weeks" to a junkyard and find some promising security footage where she totals a car that belonged to her CO "May's" wife who recently died in a car crash that "Kasie" thinks was tampered with. "Gibbs" and "McGee" head back to the USS Franklin Roosevelt where everyone is on lockdown and then they find that "Weeks" snuck in and has "May" held at gunpoint to turn over his laptop password.

NCIS: Who was the real killer? 

Cue the real killer: "Harper Logan"! Turns out the weapons system officer was having an affair with "May" who wouldn't leave his wife. She is arrested for fatally tampering with the car that killed "May's" wife, killing "Patrick" and also framing "Rebecca Weeks." What. A. Rush. 

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