NCIS season 17 keeps surprising us and taking us back to "Ziva's" (Cote de Pablo) disappearance and all the mysteries surrounding her absence. Let's not forget the fact that she was believed to be dead, but NCIS fans went just crazy after learning that she is actually alive and was just hiding.

Only last week we were very shocked after seeing the scene where "Ziva" is getting ready to head out to continue the investigation that at some point caused her to be presumed dead for half a decade, but before doing so, she meets "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) who apologies for not trying to find her after her "death"; then she says she needs to complete her mission on her own... and leaves town once again!

What happened in the third episode of NCIS season 17?

Now the most recent NCIS episode showed us that someone actually considered that it was time to talk about "Ziva's" disappearance and reappearance. After the body of a Marine lieutenant was found hidden under an 18-wheeler, and the team tracks the vehicle's previous locations to pinpoint the crime scene and suspect, "Sloane" (Maria Bello) has the task of finding out how the team feels in regards of "Ziva's" re-emergence, giving fans the opportunity to have a look at what's happening in their minds.

"Gibbs" for instance, says that he is still dealing with the idea of "Ziva" being alive and that the fact that she was gone again only made things worse. Then "Sloane" says that they should give "Ziva" the time and space she needs, after "Gibbs" asks her what to do.

The romantic tension between "Gibbs" and "Sloane"

And speaking of "Gibbs" and "Sloane" - what is actually going on between them? It is clear that there is a romantic tension every time we see both of them together, and a great example of that is when "Sloane" asks him if they should talk about the elephant in the room, and just when we thought that they were finally going to talk about whatever is going on between them... they actually ended up talking about "Ziva." 

Will "Gibbs" and "Sloane" eventually admit that the romantic tension we perceive actually exists and that we are not only imagining it? Will "Ziva" come back again? Ah! We have too many questions and the only way of getting all the answers is by staying tuned every Tuesday on CBS!

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