• The Netflix spin-off of 'Bridgerton' is 'Queen Charlotte'
  • Fans have wondered about "King George's" disease
  • HERE is the real story behind it

His illness is a very important part of the plotline. But what exactly is behind "George's" mysterious illness? The two main characters are based on historical figures, because the real George III suffered from an actual disease. While it's almost impossible to say with certainty, there are some conjectures about the actual disease.

The real King George had a serious affliction

A retrospective diagnosis of King George III is complicated by the fact that some symptoms had been caused by treatments. Some have been traumatic, while others have been linked to ingestion of toxic substances such as arsenic. 

Also interesting:

One possible condition is bipolar disorder and another is porphyria, a condition that affects the body's production of heme, a vital compound needed for the functioning of many bodily systems, according to the BBC....

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