NCIS: Hawaii is officially underway!

This week, the new NCIS series assembled its cast on location in Hawaii to begin shooting season 1. And the stars paid their respects in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony before filming. Here are the first photos of the cast together.

NCIS: Hawaii cast: First photos of the new actors

On Thursday, NCIS: Hawaii shared a set of three pictures from the blessing at Mokuleia Beach. The first shows lead Vanessa Lachey during the ceremony, followed by two group shots of the cast and crew at the breathtaking beach.

With Lachey, NCIS: Hawaii stars appearing in the group photo include Jason Antoon, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Noah Mills, and Tori Anderson, along with several crew members. (Click their names to learn more about them!)

NCIS: Hawaii actors shoot season 1 for release in Fall 2021

NCIS: Hawaii has also now launched its official Twitter and Instagram pages, where the new photos were shared.

With the post, they wrote: "Aloha! Production has officially started on NCIS: Hawaii. See you this fall on CBS and Paramount Plus."

The series will premiere on CBS this fall on Monday nights with the main NCIS series, which will switch days next season for the first time after 18 seasons.

Fans have high hopes for the new series, which is looking to recapture the magic of the NCIS franchise and other Hawaii-set crime shows like Hawaii Five-0.

In case you missed it, you can watch the first NCIS: Hawaii teaser trailer from last month here.